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Do you want to make positive changes?

Just imagine having the most wonderful relaxing experience, feeling in total control and comfortable with your surroundings. Hypnotherapy will allow you to experience this wonderful inner focus, just like daydreaming, and at the same time make positive change.

Are there any emotional or physical problems you want to change?

I have always had a fascination with the power of the mind and how beneficial a positive mindset is within your health. After successfully using Complimentary Therapies on my clients for the last 30 years, specialising on pain management and harmonising the mind/ body connection I undertook an extensive training in Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy. Since then my practice has thrived and I have been able to successfully help all my clients unnecessary emotional and physical trauma.

Hypnotherapy changes lives and will change yours!

Hypnosis is a safe way of accessing this natural intelligence and changing these thoughts to create amazing change in you and your behaviour. Every time you daydream you are in a trance state which constantly happens throughout the day. In fact every 90 mins. The minds way of giving yourself a break from day to day stressors. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and as you are gently, guided by the hypnotherapists voice it will help you search to find the answers to your problems. The hypnotherapist will help you feel very relaxed allowing your subconscious to sift through stuck patterns and change them for the better. Taking back the control in your life.

Meet Jane Bates-Joyce...